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TV and Radio

Photograph - William Hearle

Radio Stories

From The Cane. Commonwealth Short Story. BBC Radio 2006

Ash On Guavas. BBC Radio 4 Short Story 1997 (Read by author)

Faith’s Pilgrimage. BBC Radio 4 Short Story 1997

The Archbishop’s Egg. BBC Radio 4 Short Story 1997 (Read by author)

Coco’s Last Christmas. BBC Radio 4 Night Waves. Short Story 1994 (Read by author)

The Cricket Match (Sam Selvon). BBC Radio 4. Short Story (Read by L Scott) 1994

Witchbroom. Book At Bedtime. Radio 4. Repeat BBC World Service 1993 (Read by author, adapted by Margaret Busby, Produced by Marina Salandy Brown)

Malgretoute. BBC Radio 4 Short Story 1992

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Radio, Interviews and Discussions

Interview about Light Falling on Bamboo with Mark Coles on The Strand, BBC World Service, September 2012 - BBC iPlayer - The Strand: 04/09/2012

Word for Word Interview with Dotun Adebayo. BBC Radio London 2004

Interview on Aelred’s Sin. Tapestry. Canadian Broadcasting Service 1999

Interview on Aelred’s Sin. Radio New Zealand 1999

Interview on Aelred’s Sin. Bookmarks FM New Zealand 1999

Caribbean Lit. Discussion Night Waves. BBC Radio 3 1998

Review Jamaican Pantomime. Kaleidiscope Radio 4 1996

Interview by Michelle Roberts. Radio 3 Night Waves 1995

Interview on Vidia Naipaul. BBC World Service 1994

Discussion on Earl Lovelace’s Work. BBC Radio 3 Night Waves 1994

Discussion on work of Derek Walcott. BBC World Service 1992

Discussion on Witchbroom. BBC World Service 1992



Interview on Light Falling on Bamboo Trinidad & Tobago National Television, November 2012

Light Falling on Bamboo - short film made by Karen Martinez, shown on CNC TV Trinidad & Tobago, September 2012

Gayelle – Interview with Robert Clarke on Golcnda Writing / Research Project 2009

Gayelle – Interview with Denis McComie on Michel Jean Cazabon, 2007

Banyan-Gayelle, Trinidad & Tobago. Interview on Night Calypso. 2004

Interview Education Television Trinidad & Tobago. 1998

Interview International Cable USA by Selwyn Cudjoe. 1996

Interview AVM TV Trinidad. 1994

Interview T&T Television. 1994 & 1993

Panel Debate Canadian Television. 1993

TTT Interview on Witchbroom. 1992

Banyan TV Interview. 1991

His tone is to be believed over each detail, and it rounds into a Trinidadian warmth on the dialogue.

Vera Rule - The Guardian

The scenes come instantly to the mind’s eye persuading the ear to enter the thicket of significance behind them.

Gillian Reynolds -The Daily Telegraph




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TV & Radio

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